Sell your Caravan

We Can Sell your Caravan

If you are looking to sell your caravan talk to us at Aussie Escape Caravans. We can take the hassle out of selling your caravan. Here are just some of the reasons people use Aussie Escape Caravans to sell their caravan:

  •       Our caravan estimator will give you a great price for your pre-loved caravan which reflects market values.
  •       Your caravan will be sold from our sales yard in Brendale,  where we always have lots of people ready to buy.
  •       We look after the marketing to make sure we get lots of buyers.
  •       You don’t have to worry about random strangers off the internet turning up at your place.
  •       If your van needs any repairs before it can be sold,  our professional caravan workshop can fix it and make it street legal so that its ready to sell.
  •       We can also help if you want to downsize your caravan or buy a new one.
  •       If your tow vehicle needs any modifications, in order to tow your caravan, we can help you.

So if you have a preloved caravan that you seldom use,  why not turn it into cash!

Call Lisa on 07 3205 7738